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Is This 'Authority Positioning Interview' Right For You?
Hey friend, 

Thank you so much for investing in your future with Kickass Copywriting. 

You're going to love it. 

Before you dive into the course I wanted to extend this ONE-TIME special opportunity your way. 

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you have to know what makes you different... 

You have to know what emotional buttons get your reader to buy and you have to know who YOU really are and what you stand for, right?

You don't need to be a marketing whiz or rocket scientist to tell that most businesses are boring as fuck. 

Seriously... they lack a drip of personality, charisma, style, and entertainment. 

And for that reason, they blend in, struggle to get by and pick up the stragglers along the way. 

If that was you, rest assured Kickass Copywriting will help you crush it. 

... but this opportunity is like putting the cherry on top of your ass-kicking sundae. 

When I start working with new copywriting clients I bring them through an exercise called the 'Authority Positioning Interview'.

We jump on a Zoom call and for 30 minutes I ask them a bunch of seemingly irrelevant questions they think do not matter. 

... what makes you angry
... what do you do to relax
... one skill you'll be mastering until the day you die
... what your product does
... specifically what problems it solves and for whom
... common enemies you and your buyers share
... what makes it different
... what's the emotional benefit
... what's the tangible benefit
... what's the step by step process to order

Sometimes they give me answers they think I want to hear, but I dig deeper until I find the real ones. 

... Because these are the questions that will make you serious cash. 

This is where we uncover breakthroughs, hooks, new ideas, concepts, and unlimited content ideas. 

This is where the magic happens. 

Next thing you know, we have a product/service that is clearly different from everyone else, it's unique, and is clear how their customers can benefit from it.

This is THE most overlooked, underutilized, and MOST VALUABLE exercises you can do for your business, your brand, and your future. 
'Authority Positioning Interview' 
Up to this point, I was only doing this as the 'initial stage' of the customer research phase with my copywriting clients. 

The feedback I was getting from clients about how helpful it was, was overwhelming. 

As my way of saying thank you for investing in yourself and your business in Kickass Copywriting I'm giving you the opportunity to get an Authority Positioning Interview with me. 

For the first time ever, you don't have to be a done-for-you copywriting client to get the benefits from my 'Authority Positioning Interview.'

The information and insight I help pull out from you can mean thousands in your business.
  • A clear understanding how you're different from your competitors and how you can position yourself as such
  •  Limitless ideas for engaging content ideas to connect with your audience
  •  Clarity on your offer and why it's unique
  •  Why your offer is REALLY worth to your customer (not just the financial commitment)
  •  A clear breakdown of the most important pieces you need for a kickass sales page
  •  And so much more. 
As my way of saying thank you for joining Kickass Copywriting you can add your own Authority Positioning Intewview ONLY $149.

Normally my consulting calls are $599/hr. But you won't be paying that. 

For most of my clients they easily make that back by getting ONE NEW CLIENT or selling a handful of digital products. 

That's it!

It's seriously a no-brainer. 

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